Employer Obligations for Workers Compensation and Possible Signs of Fraud


In Indiana, most employers must carry workers compensation insurance. Under IC 22-3-2-22, information about this insurance must be posted in a conspicuous place in the employer’s place of business. It must include the name, address and telephone number of the insurance company or the person who administers the insurance. Employers who fail to post this information may be subject to a civil penalty.


If your company has not posted this important information, that may indicate that they are not in compliance with state workers compensation law or other labor laws. Other signs to look for include:

●             The employer gives out 1099 tax forms instead of IRS W2s to non-contract employees

●             The employer pays employees in cash and/or doesn’t provide a paystub

●             The employer tells injured workers not to report their on-the-job injuries as work-related

●             The employer tells injured workers to let the company pay the bills without notifying the    workers compensation insurance carrier

●             Former employees do not qualify for unemployment because the employer under-reported their hours

If you believe your employer is engaging in one or more of these practices, you should contact the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana at 1-800-824-COMP or the Indiana Department of Labor at 317-232-2655.