Injury Law

Injury & Accident Attorneys

Automobile Accidents

We have successfully handled claims arising from automobile accidents for seriously injured people where the cause of the accident was:

  • dangerous and defective road design
  • dangerous and defective road condition
  • failure of one driver to:
  • keep a proper lookout, or pay attention
  • yield the right-of-way at an intersection, a cross-road, or an entrance to a shopping center
  • follow at a safe distance, avoid rear-ending; and
  • maintain the proper lane.

Our lawyers have conducted jury trials throughout the state of Indiana for injured drivers. In addition to recovering from negligent drivers who have injured our clients, we have recovered settlements and awards from state, county and municipal governmental entities, as well as from negligent road construction companies.

Premises Liability

Owners of property have a duty to keep their property in safe condition for other people who are expected to come onto or visit their property. We have handled cases where individuals have been injured because:

  • a store failed to clean up stored liquids or other materials that caused a slip and fall;
  • a store, a landlord, or a property owner designed its walkways and/or stairways in an unsafe manner, causing a fall;
  • a landlord or property owner failed to keep common access stairs or ramps in good and proper condition, causing a fall; and
  • a landlord or owner failed to clear its sidewalks, stairways, or parking lot of snow and ice, causing a fall.
Construction Site Accidents

When a contractor or property owner does not provide the legally required safe working environment in a construction project and an employee is injured because of that failure, a personal injury action may be brought against the negligent third-party owner, contractor or employer. We have handled several cases where a failure to properly secure the working environment has caused serious personal injury to another company's employee, or even a bystander.

Insurance Companies

Most personal injury claims, whether they arise from a defective product, an automobile accident, the unsafe condition of someone's property, or because of a dangerous construction site, are events covered by the negligent company's or person's liability insurance. We have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies, and in settling personal injury cases, often before trial.

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